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Battle Royale For Girls

We Like Bloodshed and Sexy People, Too!

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My fellow Battle Royale fangirls!

Are you tired of being the only one who wants to squee over the Unresolved Sexual Tension between characters while everyone *else* is busy talking about who got which weapon? Do you want to be free to pair boys with boys and girls with girls or just mix up the het pairings a bit? Did you just find *the* coolest Japanese fanart page and you're just dying to show it to someone who'd really *appreciate* it?

Well, fangirls, this is the place for you!

The rules are fairly simple. Be (reasonably) polite. If you're going to dispute a pairing, don't just say "omigod, you sux! my pairing ruulz!!" Have the facts to back yourself up and don't take it too personally when someone disagrees. That way lies Fandom_Wank and we all love making fun of the lameoids who wind up there, right? Rate and LJ cut your fics and fanart.

And don't try prying that silver collar off of your neck. Really. You'd regret it.